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Top 5 Ways To Guarantee Failure As A Photographer :
#2 Doing Things Halfway
You want to grow your business, you want to succeed, you want to feel financially secure and happy about going to work every day – but you can’t quite seem to get it all together. 

This is another version of driving your business off a cliff – but in this instance, you are creating chaos by doing too many things at once and doing none of them well.
  • Do you sign up for every seminar that promises to teach you how to succeed in business?
  • Do you leap into action every time you hear about a zippy new marketing strategy—yet you haven’t even finished the follow-through on your last marketing campaign?  
  • Do you try to juggle too many clients and fail to do a professional-level job for your clients because you are tired, rushed, or forgetful? 
  • Do you believe the hype in every industry-sponsored photography magazine and purchase equipment that you neither need nor use effectively?
  • Do you join the wrong professional organizations because you fail to do the research about what their specialty is and how they can or cannot assist you in business?
  •  Do you do the total opposite of DOING NOTHING – and instead you engage in frantic levels of unproductive action, spinning in place and making no progress? 
Being prepared by practicing on simulated situations with challenging lighting conditions will infuse you with confidence. Do a series of test runs of every type of photography job that you dream of doing but fail to pursue.

Take a deep breath and believe this in every molecule of your body. Everybody fails at some point in their lifetime – absolutely everyone.

No one is perfect. No one makes the optimum decision every single time. And most of the time, falling flat on your face and failing teaches you some valuable lessons that you needed to learn.
You can create remarkably productive results if you will allow yourself to slow down, sit quietly as you think, and implement ONE strategy at a time

Try to never juggle more than 2 or 3 active strategies or complicated clients at once. It’s simply too fatiguing to try and maintain that level of activity, nothing is done well, and you may find yourself riddled with stress and anxiety because you feel that you can’t get things under control.

When your mind is less cluttered and frantic, you’ll realize that you can choose your strategy and your clients in the same unhurried way and actually do more in the long run because you are not constantly backtracking to correct your mistakes or omissions.

Do the marketing steps thoroughly and completely so you have a polished campaign at the end. With your clients, slow down, plan ahead before beginning to work, and take beautiful images that you are proud to deliver. The satisfaction that you will derive from a slow, steady, and less frantic job that is done well will give you great peace of mind and increase your chances of business success.

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About Andrea Polito

Andrea Polito is an internationally acclaimed master-lifestyle photographer sought after by thousands of individuals. After 13 years in the high-end wedding industry and having photographed more than 600 weddings, Andrea has been focusing her time helping photographers to grow their own businesses to Six Figures and Beyond.
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