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Top 5 Ways To Guarantee Failure As A Photographer :
#3 Being Inconsistent
Every good marketing strategy to increase your sales results is contained within a system. The effectiveness of the system requires that you take the individual actions, one step at a time, in the right order.
Easy – right?

It’s surprising just how many otherwise logical business owners take step number one of their new marketing plan and then throw up their hands in defeat because nothing happened to change their business results overnight. 

The failure doesn't lie with the plan – the failure is often due to the inconsistency of the person who neglected to take all of the necessary steps in the right order. The steps of any sort of marketing plan won’t take themselves though. They need to be taken – consistently -- by the human being who is meant to follow through.

Every good photography session requires that you arrive with a camera that is ready to shoot, has the correct lens attached, the model or object is in the correct position, and the background has been checked out ahead of time. You aim, shoot, and repeat. And whether your images are preserved digitally or on film, you’re ready to take the next step and produce quality prints or digital images.

Easy – right?

It’s also surprising just how often you hear about a planned photo session in a studio or done remotely that goes awry. And why? Camera equipment doesn’t pack itself into a bag. So arriving at the location of your shoot without the right camera, the correct lens, or with no tripod when one is plainly needed is a surefire way to make your client furious. How about setting up a studio session with a camera containing a flat battery and no fully-charged spare battery can be found? That too is less than impressive!

Whether it concerns stages of marketing or photo equipment and photo-shoot prep – be consistent in your approach. Slow down, make a list of what is required, and act methodically and carefully.
Consistency produces results – not overnight – but in good time. 

The positive results for your business will arrive if you have the patience to simply be consistent.

About Andrea Polito

Andrea Polito is an internationally acclaimed master-lifestyle photographer sought after by thousands of individuals. After 13 years in the high-end wedding industry and having photographed more than 600 weddings, Andrea has been focusing her time helping photographers to grow their own businesses to Six Figures and Beyond.
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