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Live by Price, Die By Price... Finding The "Sweet Spot" For Your Photography Business
Clients can be fickle if they get even the slightest whiff of fear in your pricing or they think some ‘new kid on the block’ can give them a better price than what you are charging.

Here’s what you need to remember about the Live By Price, Die By Price approach:
  •   Cutting prices is a short term solution that frequently backfires. Once you lower your prices, that action remains in the customer’s memory and they will always expect dirt-cheap prices and be resistant to any upward movement.
  •  Do you really WANT to be known as the “cheap option” – or as the best option? Just the word “cheap” frequently implies something that is sub-standard or outright inferior. 
  •  Wouldn’t you rather work smarter for more money because you have taken the time to create a good marketing campaign?
  •  If you have created effective marketing that educates your potential clients about the value of your expert services and positioned yourself as the upscale option, then you can charge upscale prices. Receiving one commission that nets $1,500 is much better than scrambling to work 10 jobs that net $150 each.
  •  Being time pressed by juggling too many jobs at the same time may result in letting down a client or clients, doing substandard work because you are rushed, and having your professional reputation be smeared when those failures end up being discussed in the community.
  •  Online review sites are frequently consulted nowadays. Once a negative review is placed about your “cheap option” business, that review will remain in cyberspace for years to come.
  •  Business owners who do mediocre work for “cheap” prices do get discussed, but they rarely receive referrals -- and businesses without referrals die a slow and painful death.
  •  Never, ever regard yourself and your business as the “cheap option” for a client. Instead, price yourself UP, not down, and ensure that your clients know about the valuable services that you provide that make those premium prices worth every penny that they are spending.

About Andrea Polito

Andrea Polito is an internationally acclaimed master-lifestyle photographer sought after by thousands of individuals. After 13 years in the high-end wedding industry and having photographed more than 600 weddings, Andrea has been focusing her time helping photographers to grow their own businesses to Six Figures and Beyond.
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