Let me help take your photography business from...
Your Passion. To Profit.
A Photography Business Masterclass
Grow Your Photography Business Predictably and Profitably
to Achieve Massive Results & a HIGH Six-Figure Income
Do you want to be a Typical Photographer? - OR - 
Do You Want to Be A Photographer who runs a 
6-Figure Photography Business?
Simply taking great pictures is not enough to create a thriving photography business...  They key is to run your photography business, like a BUSINESS...   And this isn't taught by other "Gurus".

In order to help you achieve your business and income dreams, I'm sharing my methods, strategies and tactics and teaching you how I built one of the highest grossing independent photography studios in the nation that earned more than half a million dollars annually for over a decade. 
It's not hyperbole.. I'm putting my money where my mouth is...
Here are my tax returns from multiple years that show proven success,
My first full year as a photographer I made $182,061
Within 3 years, my photography business eventually did over $800,000 in sales annually
Less than a year after I had my daughter, I still made over $700,000
I eventually choose to spend more time with my daughter and my business stabilized at almost $600,000, year after year
- Benefits of the Program -
You won't find another course like this... Anywhere!   I have made enrolling in this course an absolute no-brainer for you. 
The 3-M's  &   3-S's Model
In the course you'll learn my distinct method to achieve MASSIVE SUCESS.  Master Plan,  Magnetism, Marketing,  Sales,  Scaling  &  Securing
Over 30 Unheard OF
Video Lessons 
You'll have the option to watch and rewatch all of the videos at your convenience and pace to get the MOST out of the course. 
Absolutely No-Risk to You!
Purchase the course and know that you are protected by my 4-week 100% Refund Policy as long as you complete the excersicses and submit your work. 
I was just like you...
Not that long ago, I was just like you.  I had a dream, a camera, and to be honest... not much else.  I wanted to be the best, but I had very little support or direction. 

 These days it seems as though more and more photographers are popping up everyday and the competition to book business is tougher than ever!  

But here's the deal... I'm going to let you in on a secret...  It's actually easier than ever before to book more clients and make exponentially more $$$.  

Why?  The biggest secret I will let you in on, is that most photographers know how to shoot, but
 don’t know how to run a Photography Business!

Everything I did with my camera and my business was self-taught... and I want to teach you the exact methods that I used to go from a "starving artist" to making over $800,000 a year as a photographer. 

If you are passionate about photography, whether you are just starting out, or a seasoned veteran, I want to bring you behind the curtain and show you how you can create the photography business that you dream of! 

The Magic Formula For Photographer Success...
In the Course, You'll Learn:
Section 1 of this Photography Master Class is devoted to establishing your own unique skill-sets and the ways that you stand out from your competition.  I call it, the Master Plan...  In Section 1 You'll Learn:
  • Lesson 1 -  Creating Your Initial Master Plan as a Photographer
  •  Lesson 2 -  Establishing Your Unique Niche
  •  Lesson 3 - How to Create Your Own Success Sauce
  •  Lesson 4 - Shopping Your Competition and Establish What to Charge For Your Services
Section 2 of the Photography Master Class is all about Your Magnetism... We will establish the ways to make you and your services Magnetic, so clients will want to come back time and time again.  You'll Learn:
  •  Lesson 5 - How to Repel The Wrong Clients...
  •  Lesson 6 - Refining Your Personal "Look" and Appearance
  •  Lesson 7 -  Pricing vs Value 
  •  Lesson 8 - Customer Service - Before The Contract is Signed
  •  Lesson 9 - Customer Service - During The Relatioship
  •  Lesson 10 - Customer Service - After Your Work is Done
  •  Lesson 11  -  How to Refine and Create Custom Packages
  •  Lesson 12 -  Crush Your Consults and book more business
Section 3 we will begin to dicsuss a variety of "New School" and "Old School" Marketing Methods that are proven and reliable ways to grow your business. In Section 3, You'll Learn:
  •  Lesson 13 -  Relationship Marketing to Increase Referrals
  •  Lesson 14 -  "Old School" Marketing
  •  Lesson 15 -  Creating and Scaling Your Facebook Advertising
  •  Lesson 16 -  Step-By-Step Google Adwords (Advertising) 
  •  Lesson 17 - The Best Software to Monitor Negative Reviews and Publish Positive Reviews
Section 4 is one of the lessons that many photographers are absolutely AFRAID OF...  Sales!! Don't worry... These lessons will give you all of the tools that you need to close the sale and book more business, you'll learn:
  •  Lesson 18 -  How to Eliminate the Wrong Clients (Pre-sale)
  •  Lesson 19  - Reading The Sale and Building Rapport
  •  Lesson 20 -  Make the Sale Easy so the Client Chooses, You!
  •  Lesson 21 - How to Close the Sale and Book More Business
Scaling Your Photography Business to achieve Success is the topic of discussion for Section 5.   Many photographers can "Work Hard" 80 hours per week and make $100,000... But, in order to make $200,000-$500,000 you must learn how to "Work Smart" and Leverage Your Efforts.  In Section 5,  you'll learn:
  •  Lesson 22 - The Importance of a Studio 
  •  Lesson 23 -  Protecting Your Time
  •  Lesson 24 - The Passion to Profit Model for Photog Success
  •  Lesson 25 - Finding the Right Mentors and Circle of Influence
  •  Lesson 26 - How to Scale with Teams & Outsourcers
Building a business and a reputation is Hard Work...  In Section 6, let me show you how to Secure & Protect Your Photography Business so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labor for years to come. In Section 6, we'll cover...
  •  Lesson 27 -  The Two types of Insurance you NEED for your business
  •  Lesson 28 -  The 20% Rule -  The Simple Rule That Creates Massive Profits
  •  Lesson 29 -  Contracts. Contracts. Contracts.  Why a strong contract matters.  
  • BONUS LESSON 30:  How to add 10%-20% to your bottom line through Framing. The How-To Guide.
  • BONUS LESSON 31:  A Special Interview Teaching you How to Conduct a Consult and Get The Booking
  •  Additional Bonus Lessons Will Be Added Throughout the Year... So Your Enrollment Constantly Increases in Value.
You Could Literally Be Just A Few Small Steps From DOUBLING, TRIPLING, or even QUADRUPLING your Photography Business... but do you know which adjustments you need to make to achieve that success?
Payment Plan (2-Months)
Per Month for Three Months
  • Over 30-Video Lessons
  • Six Sections of Content to Help You Improve Your Entire Photography Business (Master Plan, Magnetism, Marketing, Selling, Scaling & Securing)
  • The Photographers Passion to Profit Workbook
  • Payment Plan (2-Months)
One Single Payment 
  • Over 30-Video Lessons
  • Six Sections of Content to Help You Improve Your Entire Photography Business (Master Plan, Magnetism, Marketing, Selling, Scaling & Securing)
  • The Photographers Passion to Profit Workbook
  • Pay In FULL and Pay LESS than the Payment Plan Option
Who This Course is For..
  • Photographers 
  •  Individuals with an Open Mind
  •  Photogs who favor Portrait, Weddings & Boudoir
  •  Individuals who want to Double, Triple or Quadruple their photography business
  •  Creatives who are sick of being a "Starving Artist" and are wanting to learn how to build a "Photography Business"
  and NOT For..
  •  "Know-it-alls"
  •  Photogs looking for Editing or Shooting Advice
  •  Negative Nancies... You will be refunded and booted from the course.  Seriously!
  •  General Business people... This course is primarily dedicated to building a Photography Business
This is An Absolute No-Brainer For You...
You Have 4 Weeks to Decide if This Course is the "Right-Fit" For you
With a 100% Money Back Guarantee
Purchase the course today and if you feel as though this course was not worth every penny then I'll give you a Full 4 Weeks to Request a 100% Refund.   All you have to do is email my Support Team and submit your completed workbook exercises to show that you actually completed the course and put effort into it.   Thats it!  
Seriously... This is a No-Brainer for You!
Additional Bonuses Included In The Course
Not only are you getting more than 30 Lessons of Jam-Packed Content... You are also going to receive a variety of Bonus Content, Lessons and Exercises to help you go from
"Surviving" to "Thriving" in your Photography Business.
  • My Step-by-Step Guideline to Running Consults
  •  The Entire Shot List for Wedding Day Formals that I used for over a decade
  •  My Welcome Packet that Detailed All of the Expectations and Instructions for My Clients
  •  Examples of My Custom Packets (One of my TOP methods to Generate Massive Profits)
  •  The Entire Photography Passion to Profit Masterclass Workbook with Numerous Detailed Instructions and Exercises
  •  Additional Bonus Items That Are So Good.... They Simply Cannot Be Publicly Discussed
BONUS: Additional Course Instructor
Draye Redfern
Draye is considered one of the "Go-To" Experts on the subject of integrating Online and Offline Marketing for Service Based Businesses like Photographers...Draye will walk you through how to Set-up and Optimize your Facebook Advertising and Your Google Advertising so that you appear at the top of the search results when clients are looking for a photographer.
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