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Top 5 Ways To Guarantee Failure As A Photographer :
Go ahead – tell me an easy way for your business to fall off a cliff.

Easy answer – by DOING NOTHING!

Are you so afraid of making a mistake that you are paralyzed into a state of total inactivity?
  •  Are you worried that you’ll buy the wrong camera, the wrong lens, pay too much for something that is replaced by a zippier new model within months of your purchase?
  •  Do you fear upgrading your equipment, paying for a professional website, or investing in advertising that lets people know that you actually are in business?
  •  Do you fail to bid for projects or clients because you lack confidence in your skills or equipment or experience?
Being prepared by practicing on simulated situations with challenging lighting conditions will infuse you with confidence. Do a series of test runs of every type of photography job that you dream of doing but fail to pursue.

Take a deep breath and believe this in every molecule of your body. Everybody fails at some point in their lifetime – absolutely everyone.

No one is perfect. No one makes the optimum decision every single time. And most of the time, falling flat on your face and failing teaches you some valuable lessons that you needed to learn.
  •  Being bold is not life-threatening.
  • Making mistakes is not a crime.
  • Failure gives you a sense of humour, makes you more empathetic to other people’s struggles, and levels out the playing field in some cases.
  • Making a decision and taking some action, ANY action, is better than DOING NOTHING about 99% of the time. 
  • Maintaining a state of DOING NOTHING creates a comfort zone of numbness that is hard to get out of.
  • Pushing past the point of DOING NOTHING, even if you do fail on the first attempt, means you are willing to learn by experience. And it may even give you some funny stories to tell over family dinners or cocktails with friends!
  Talk yourself through your state of DOING NOTHING with the fake-it-til-you-make-it approach if necessary. But get out there and engage with life and watch as your stalled situation starts to turn itself around. 

Part two of "The Top 5 Ways to Guarantee Failure as a Photographer," COMING SOON...

About Andrea Polito

Andrea Polito is an internationally acclaimed master-lifestyle photographer sought after by thousands of individuals. After 13 years in the high-end wedding industry and having photographed more than 600 weddings, Andrea has been focusing her time helping photographers to grow their own businesses to Six Figures and Beyond.
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